Josef Altmann, Country Manager Professional Services BeNeLux at Xerox

Josef works at Xerox as country manager professional services BeNeLux. We help Josef find the best IT professionals for permanent employment. A highly successful partnership. Below you can read why.

Hi, I'm Josef!

My name is Josef Altmann, Country Manager Professional Services BeNeLux at Xerox. At Xerox, I’m faced with the challenge of conquering our position in the future every day. I don’t do this alone, but with a team of professionals. A team that has been co-created by Myler.

I gain energy from collaborating with people as a result of a special chemical reaction. Being the distinguishing factor together; that’s cool!

The best IT development? I can really enjoy the way we communicate with each other. At any time, anywhere in the world, in images and sound and with fantastic quality.

Xerox is a global company focusing on documents. This began with paper documents but has since expanded to documents in various forms such as photos, objects and, of course, digital documents. The ‘digital transformation’ has an impact on our business and that of our customers. How do you deal with the form of a document in the changing needs and techniques we have at our disposal? We take care of our clients today, but continue to develop them to be ready for the demands of tomorrow.

In line with this challenge, I am always looking for IT professionals who are experts. I want the best IT professional in his or her field, but I am also looking for an extra dimension, namely that knowledge, skills and professionalism must be able to ‘land’. What do I mean by that? A real IT person with fantastic ideas, who can express himself in commercial solutions in order to bind our customers, keep them satisfied and set us apart from our competitors. That is the ‘added value’ of the IT professionals we are looking for.

“Een perfect match”
It is not our core business to find these professionals. That is why we have always worked with partners. Still, it didn’t always go well. With Myler, we did succeed in bringing in an IT professional who is performing above expectations within the Xerox team, a perfect match. In our opinion, Myler not only delivers the right candidate, but also makes the collaboration personal, works quickly and transparently. They understand my needs and know how to match complex profiles with them.