Linda de Ridder, Operations Manager at TenICT

Linda is the Operations Manager at TenICT, one of our suppliers. We both care that a relationship is meaningful. And ours is a very fortuitous one. Want to find out more? Read on!

Hi, I'm Linda!

At TenICT, my heart is in business development. Approximately 70% of my time is spent with clients of ours, each of whom we have a unique partnership with. In the same way, no two days at work are the same for me.

I oversee a number of infrastructure specialists at our clients. The purpose of this is to keep in touch with our consultants, but also to encourage them to keep developing and achieve their individual goals.

What I love the most is the dynamic within our company. I have an ambitious yet friendly team around me, and that’s very important to me. Plus, I just love my job. I get a lot of satisfaction out of making clients happy with high quality consultants – that’s what really makes me happy!

What does TenICT do?

We are a specialist IT infrastructure firm offering Solutions, Consultancy and Managed Services. There are quite a few of us now: 200 employees. We work exclusively with specialists who are not only well qualified, but are also very motivated and have a clear goal in mind. We are always on the lookout for the crème de la crème of the infrastructure world.


What we’re proud of

We have a low staff turnover. That is to say, our employees stay with us for a long time and are very happy indeed. This is what enables us to forge and maintain strong connections. That makes us proud!


Our collaboration with Myler

I’ve had contact with Menno van Barneveld for a long time now. I knew him before I even worked at TenICT. It’s great when you meet someone in another context and are able to work just as well together as you did before.

Myler is a team that dedicates a lot of time and care to clients and partners. This results in strong relationships you can fall back on. Moreover, it creates opportunities for strategic growth, together.

“No surprises and genuine commitment; that, for me, is what matters in a partnership. It’s also what makes TenICT and Myler such a good pairing.”