IT Engineer

Opdrachtnummer: MY20120218   |   Sluitingstijd: 31-03-2021


14-12-2020 t/m 31-03-2021




36 uur per week

Job Purpose    

To provide technical expertise for the design, integration and maintenance of IT solutions. 

Key Accountabilities    

•    Technical Capability. Broad knowledge of the general IT landscape and specialist expertise in own domain (storage, datacenter, networking, etc)
•    Process. Follows established service processes and contributes to definition of operational processes to eliminate problems and proactively develop the service
•    Service Level Achievement. Maintains systems within defined SLA and/or customer requirements
•    Project Work Deliverables. Under guidance of the project manager, works within the team with implementation of technical designs to meet service delivery requirements within own area of responsibility. Consults in the offer/tender stage as a technical expert in medium sized projects and may give training, presentations and workshops within own area of expertise
•    Customer Interaction. Establishes working relationships with customer’s organization to deliver and enhance the service
•    Problem Solving. Provides maintenance support and resolves system problems for IT systems or IT infrastructure solutions including all technical and administrative actions and using suitable tools, methods and procedures. Undertakes updates and upgrades of IT systems or IT infrastructure solutions
•    Implementation. Analyzes project-specific customer requirements and evaluates the influence of technical factors in the design, implementation and integration of medium sized projects. Owns a specific technical area in complex and customized projects
•    Reduction of Risk. Identifies and assesses risk and provides adequate solutions
•    Team Working. Intensive cooperation with team members to fulfill engineering tasks and exchange knowledge, works in an engineering team to resolve service issues
•    Meet Customer Expectations. Understands the requirements of the customer’s business, the scope of the contract/project and knows how issues impact the delivery of service
Works in a devops team with the client and still remains a Fujitsu professional respresentative.
•    Personal Development. Maintains an up-to-date skill profile and personal learning schedule

Key Performance Indicators    

•    Meets and exceeds project targets
•    Meets and exceeds service level requirements
•    Customer feedback (csat score where available)
•    Professional quality (according to standards/sla’s and in time)
•    Completion time meeting productivity targets