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For ASML data is an asset which has an increasing business value and which we need to protect and properly manage. Therefore managing our data assets (quality, definitions, owners, change control) becomes increasingly important within ASML. Recently a ASML data policy has been defined which clarifies the way ASML plans to handle its data assets in relation to its customers.

The formal management of the vast amounts of data that is generated by our equipment (scanner, source, performance improvement equipment etc.) is an enormous challenge. In this role you will facilitate and enable that this important data is properly managed using the ASML Data Governance Center. This includes ensuring proper management of metadata (definition, owner, relations, etc.) as well as policies for managing the data, metrics and rules for data quality and ensuring that this information is accessible for those who need to access and/or manage it.

Job Mission

As Data Governance Expert you are responsible for ensuring that the ASML Data Governance Center application effectively supports the formal management of our equipment data. You will lead and participate in respective initiatives to make this happen. To achieve this you will also work on the required data governance processes together with data stewards, data owners and other data stakeholders. 

Job Description

- Gather and implement requirements for managing equipment data (metadata) in the Data Governance Center application
- Support in actively promoting the importance of and required activities for formal management of equipment data by creating data awareness 
- Deploy the data governance center application via training and communication
- Ensure consistent and high quality configuration of the data governance center application data (for scope equipment data) 
- Initiate and drive the required improvements for the data governance center application to optimize effective functional usage and usability  
- Define metrics/KPI’s for managing equipment data in the data governance center application
- Align with other data governance initiatives that use the data governance center application 
- Ensure efficient use of the data governance center application by re-use of knowledge and actively sharing experiences  
- Innovation for the data governance center application

Functie eisen


- Bachelors or master’s degree in Information Technology, Business Administration or equivalent.


- Understands and has experience with data governance center applications (preferably Collibra)
- Experience with training and deployment of data governance center applications (or comparable) 
- Experience with gathering requirements for managing data and implementing these in required applications
- Common understanding of data governance and data quality concepts

Personal skills

- Well-developed consultancy skills with a strong go-getter mentality including hands-on mentality 
- Strong client-orientation and commitment to excellence.
- Pro-active personality who can deal with resistance.
- Good communication skills. 
- A demonstrated ability to perform in high-pressure environments.
- Motivated and enthusiastic team player.

Context of the position

The mission of the data governance group within D&E software is to define and drive a collection of practices and processes which help to ensure the formal management of data assets for ASML equipment as well as the implementation of the data policy. This includes defining required roles, required applications, required governance structures. The Data Governance group is currently in a start-up phase and focuses on topics like data quality, data change control board, data catalog and data classifications, supporting the data policy implementation and other equipment data related topics.  In this position you will report to the Group Lead Data Governance.

Other information

This position requires access to U.S. controlled technology, as defined in the United States Export Administration Regulations. Qualified candidates must be legally authorized to access such U.S. controlled technology prior to beginning work. Business demands may require ASML to proceed with applicants who are immediately eligible to access U.S. controlled technology.


This is a conversion flex / deta-vast position: candidate will work via Myler for the first year and then transfer to the payroll of ASML.


  • Data Scientist
  • Data Governance
  • Data management

ASML Nederland B.V.

ASML provides chipmakers with everything they need - hardware, software and services - to mass produce patterns on silicon, helping to increase the value and lower the cost of a chip. Their key technology is the lithography system, which brings together high-tech hardware and advanced software to control the chip manufacturing process down to the nanometer.

ASML has 19,000 employees worldwide. We are headquartered in Veldhoven (The Netherlands) and have over 60 offices in 16 countries.

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