Paul de Lange, Web Editor at CAK

Through Myler, Paul works as a Web Editor at CAK. His specialism? Extracting a digestible and meaningful message out of complex subject matter. Wondering what that looks like? Find out in his story below!

Hi, I'm Paul!

My name is Paul de Lange. I am a web editor and journalist by trade and one of the assignments I’m currently working on is at CAK. I’m working alongside three other web editors and an editor-in-chief.

On this project, we are applying the Scrum principles. This means that we always have an overview of how our projects are progressing and what is working most effectively.

The best thing about my job is that I get to work for different clients and write for a range of target audiences. One moment this could be a newspaper column; the next I might be writing with a more commercial or corporate slant. My products feature both in print and online, and I work both alone and as part of a team. All of this creates real diversity, which is an absolute must for me.

A wonderful challange at CAK

Mid-way through 2016, CAK decided to launch a new website. That involves a whole host of things, including content creation. Content is important, as the CAK website is the primary source of information for CAK customers. It covers subjects such as the Social Support Act (WMO) and Long-Term Care Act (WLZ).

The web pages need to be written in a way that is easy to understand and search-engine friendly. Ultimately, you are working on a platform that is used regularly by the CAK’s 1.5 million customers. These customers are seeking answers to their questions about legislation and regulations within the care sector. For a web editor, of course, it’s a wonderful challenge!


Successful collaboration

I hadn’t known Myler for long before I began my assignment at CAK. Myler had previously approached me about another web editor assignment. When I visited the website to view the assignment, it struck me that the assignments there were primarily IT-related. So it was really great to see that I – a web editor – was also able to apply for assignments through an organisation like Myler.

A pleasant and successful relationship with Myler came off the back of the assignment with CAK.

Myler makes clear agreements

It isn’t often that I take on projects through organisations like Myler. I actually like taking on as wide a variety of jobs as possible, and assignments from Myler tend to have somewhat longer lead times. However, I do take on longer-term projects once a year: it helps me stay in touch with the corporate world. I believe that it’s important that organisations like Myler make clear agreements. I also believe this is where one of Myler’s strengths lie.

Prior to my assignment, I had contact with Jan Schop, a recruiter at Myler. Mainly with a view to clarifying what the assignment was. Once I was put forward as a candidate, I liaised with the account manager for that account, Rutger Blanson. He then helped me prepare as well as possible for the initial interview, and has remained my dedicated contact person at Myler since then.

“To be honest, I haven’t had much contact with Myler since. I consider that a positive. Everything is going well; my invoices are paid on time and any extensions are arranged for me.”

This enables me to focus on my work, leaving all of the administrative tasks to a support team.