Krysta Sarantopoulou, EUV hardware engineer at ASML

Krysta works as an EUV hardware engineer at ASML via our Payroll Services. We’re not only responsible for Krysta’s contract and paperwork, but got to know her on a personal leval as well. Curious about her story? Read more!

Hi, I'm Krysta!

My name is Krysta Sarantopoulou. I am working in the hardware team within ASML. I am from Greece originally, which is where I studied Computer and Electrical engineering. I moved to the Netherlands almost immediately after having finished my studies.

Why? I already had many friends living and working across Europe, the best feedback and stories always came from those in the Netherlands, this made it an easy choice! Although I may sometimes miss the weather back at home, the Netherlands is great.

Here we enjoy a great work-life balance, the people are relaxed, and cities like Eindhoven have really active expat communities. Since I moved I’ve worked in The Hague and in Amsterdam. For a long time though, back in Greece even, my goal was to eventually work at ASML in Eindhoven.

My job at ASML

At ASML my team is responsible for the computer hardware parts of our machines, specifically building, designing, and supporting them. I particularly work on maintaining the quality level of these parts. I actually tend to spend much of my time discussing and analyzing with the engineers and the suppliers, proposing solutions and reporting – just making sure the quality of our teams’ products is what it should be.

My job is very social. Which is part of why I like the job so much. Additionally, ASML allows for many opportunities to develop in whatever way I feel suits me best. My colleagues are great too. Even people with over 20 years of experience will ask and listen carefully to everyone’s opinion. They will always take a moment to ask you “How do you want to do it?” and “How can we help you do that?”. That’s what I like, that inclusion of people, that appreciation shown for your knowledge and expertise. You feel welcome in the team.


Working and living in the Netherlands

I recommend working in the Netherlands because everyone speaks English and people are open and friendly. You barely even feel like a foreigner. People in general are pretty relaxed. Here people work 8 hours per day, and these hours are even flexible, the work-life balance is great! The Netherlands is also a country that works incredibly efficiently. Getting everything arranged for your life here, from registration to insurance or taxes, is very simple, as there are no bureaucratic delays. People who are considering living in the Netherlands should also all hear about the expat communities. They’re very active as they organize events and they meet up frequently. It helps when trying to establish a network or social life here. I don’t think I know anybody who struggles with that, just because of how easy it is to connect with these communities.


About Myler

I first came into contact with Myler when I started at ASML. Essentially, Myler was responsible for my contract and paperwork concerning my job at ASML. What they really helped me with was the fact that they answered all my questions, and let me tell you, I had a lot of them. Especially Rob van Nieuwenhuijzen, the responsible ASML fieldmanager from Myler helped me a lot to prepare and understand the whole process.

“They always replied quickly! Which was such a relief when I had urgent questions”