Sergey Kupriyanov, java developer bij theFactor.e

Sergey is via Myler als java developer aan het werk bij theFactor.e door middel van een bijzondere constructie, namelijk: Global Sourcing. Op deze manier werkt hij op afstand, maar maakt hij tegelijkertijd volledig deel uit van het development team bij theFactor.e. Benieuwd naar zijn succesverhaal? Lees dan snel verder!

Hi! I'm Sergey, a java developer!

My name is Sergey Kupriyanov, Java developer at theFactor.e. TheFactor.e helps Myler to develop the software and platform. I am working on the Myler platform on a daily basis. I joined this team via the Nearshore service of Myler. This means that after my introduction period in Groningen at theFactor.e office, I went back to St. Petersburg to continue working at the platform remotely. After this period, I moved to The Hague, where I’m still working on the Myler platform, together with the team in Groningen and other Nearshore team members. Agile working is key in this process, which I believe also paves the way to success. What I love most about the Netherlands? The Dutch are brilliant with infrastructure. I love the amount of bikes and the fact that cities are so green and clean! I am actually learning the Dutch language and am planning to settle here.

Sergey Kupriyanov werkt via Myler Nearshore als Java Developer bij theFactor.e
Sergey Kupriyanov, java developer bij theFactor.e

We speak the same coding-language

This is the first time I have worked remotely via a Global Sourcing construction. There are a lot of reasons why I like working this way. First of all, working remotely requires a lot of structure. Scrum-masters work on the organizational aspects. This is why we are pretty well organized as a team. Besides this, I found my Dutch colleagues very friendly. They really strived to make me feel comfortable within the team and the projects, as well as to settle in the Netherlands. I consider my colleagues to be friends, that’s very important to me.

When you look at the future, professionals and organizations should be more open towards these ways of working together as an international team. There are so many IT experts worldwide who are ready to join a remote team. These worldwide ‘teaming capacities’, you could say, speak the same language, especially as a Java developer using coding-language. Nowadays, only your expertise is a critical condition in order to create a successful work environment. Because of improved technical development in communications (like Skype), you can talk to anyone at any time. This way you can create the perfect team of experts from all over the world. Sounds perfect, right?

"An example to other product owners"

How I got in contact with Myler? The company I worked with in Russia had a manager stationed in the Netherlands. Through my contacts I got the opportunity to start working for Myler. Despite the distance, I speak to my Myler contact often. Coen Boxem is product owner for the development of the Myler platform. Even though he is not obliged to be very technical, I found him to have a lot of technical background and knowledge. Furthermore, Coen is very well able to prioritize developments to the team. In my eyes this makes him competent in his job and also an example to other product owners. Coen really accommodates us in being a great team.

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