We like to work with closely alongside our clients, and Achmea is no exception. At Achmea, we are in contact with Menno van Steenwijk, Procurement Category Manager and Sjaak van der Steen, Corporate Relations. Curious how Myler and Achmea mutually enhance one another on various levels? Read more below!


“Achmea and Myler enjoy a customer-supplier relationship that works both ways: Myler finds freelance professionals to join our contingent workforce and is responsible for managing the contracts of those freelancers, and we supply group insurance solutions that are only available to Myler associate professionals”, explains Menno van Steenwijk.

Menno van Steenwijk, Procurement Category Manager

My role focuses on the professionals we hire via Myler. My time is split between suppliers, business stakeholders, and assessing the needs of the contingent workforce at Achmea. As a procurement specialist, my objective is to achieve impactful and sustained results for Achmea within a market that is rapidly changing and evolving.

Sjaak van der Steen, Achmea Corporate Relations

Since 2012, I’ve been responsible for coordinating the group healthcare contract, income protection insurance (AOV) and liability insurance. Together with my contacts at Myler, I focus on the possibilities for serving IT professionals even better. We do this through the likes of Achmea’s insurance solutions, among other things.


“No two days are the same. We both have a role that involves working together with multiple stakeholders, suppliers and other parties. You learn that every associate is different and has different needs. Although we have entirely different roles, we both enjoy this aspect to our jobs”, say both men. Indeed, Menno and Sjaak say that they most enjoy working with passionate colleagues, and of course love to see this in the freelance professionals themselves. Working side by side with leading experts, and everything that comes along with that, such as working efficiently, adding value and being reliable. That’s what we look for in professionals coming to work at Achmea.

Menno van Steenwijk: “To my mind, Myler is a service-oriented organisation that knows us well. This is partly due to the length of time we have been working together. And is expressed in the way in which both companies approach discussions around changes taking place within the market, or about legislation and regulations and new opportunities for collaborating. That’s precisely what I need in my role. Myler is definitely more than a supplier in this relationship; it’s a partnership in the truest sense. But that’s also what future-proofs Myler.”


Sjaak van der Steen: “We are mostly in touch with Michiel Tromp Meesters, Account Director at Myler. The exchanges we have are very pleasant and professional. What I particularly like about our relationship with Myler, is that we view one another increasingly as strategic partners rather than as a distribution channel; we are always looking at new ways in which we can enhance one another. One example is when Myler is developing a new service and wants to involve Achmea as a partner. That’s where we at Achmea excel.”

“The secret to Myler’s success lies in delivering a full service, whilst continuing to seek out new opportunities to work together.”