About us

Our mission

Myler connects.

We connect IT professionals to employers.

To us, connecting people means far more than a straightforward exchange and a series of ‘manoeuvres’. Our objective is to create a true team from people who work together. In this sense, your expertise isn’t the only thing that matters – who you are and how you are matters too. If all of the above are optimally aligned, the IT professional and employer will form a strong team. And the stronger the team, the better the outcome. Myler – Where great people team up.

Our vision

Matchmaking: more than matching

Bringing together an IT professional and an employer involves more than shuffling CVs. It involves matchmaking: supplementing teams to make them successful for the businesses they work for. By optimising our service for this, we help build amazing teams.

The demand for Flex is accelerating

The acceleration of technological developments, in particular those in emerging technologies, is creating a strong rise in demand for flexible IT professionals. These developments offer significant opportunities for growth and the chance to work with even greater focus on the customer. At the same time, they create challenges around bringing on board contingent team members to company IT departments within a given time frame. There’s no such thing as an ideal IT professional; there is such as thing as an ideal IT team.

Information Technology becomes Business Technology

IT projects are gaining relevance. Innovative IT solutions make it possible, for example, to produce, tender, invoice and even communicate. Particularly those projects concerning primary business processes, such as innovation, marketing, sales and customer service are growing significantly. IT is so intertwined in our daily business operations that we simply couldn’t do without it – let alone would we want to. We love to get involved in the process of structuring your IT team as optimally as possible.

Myler, part of HeadFirst Group

Myler is part of HeadFirst Group – the market leader in the hiring of external professionals, including matchmaking, contracting, payrolling, global sourcing and managed service provision. HeadFirst, Source, Staffing Management Services and Proud Company also form part of HeadFirst Group.

More than 10.000 professionals are at work every day at over 350 leading employers in Europe, making for an annual Group turnover of more than 1 billion euros. HeadFirst Group currently employs approx 150 staff.

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