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Through Myler, you can make use of various group schemes and benefit from discounts as a result. For example, receive 10% discount on income protection insurance (AOV), minimum 5% discount on health insurance and 5% discount on various business insurance policies. These benefits apply for anyone with a Myler profile. Curious about the benefits? Read on!

Business insurance package

As a self-employed professional, you want to make sure you have your ducks in a row. That includes your insurances. Our partner, Centraal Beheer, has compiled a package for you that covers you for all of the primary risks in your sector in one go.

As a Myler professional, you’ll receive no less than a 5% discount on the main liability policies, such as corporate liability, professional indemnity, company car insurance and legal expenses.

The benefits to you:

  • The most common business risks insured under 1 policy on 1 account.
  • Manage your insurance easily online
  • 5% discount for Myler members


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Income protection inssurance

Imagine: you are an entrepreneur with your own business and suddenly fall ill or have an accident. You may no longer be fit to work, leaving you without a source of income for a potentially long period of time.

To protect your income, in association with our partner, Centraal Beheer, we offer an income protection insurance policy (AOV). This insures you against a reduction in income due to being incapacitated for work through illness or accident. This insurance offers a number of options. Centraal Beheer is happy to advise you on which option best suits your situation.

The benefits to you:

  • 10% discount on AOV income protection insurance
  • No means test in event of incapacity for work
  • Up to 65% initial discount
  • Comprehensive prevention package (e.g. medical check-up, fitness test, legal counsel and a business advice line)

More information?

Centraal Beheer’s AOV information leaflet explains all the benefits of AOV. Want to take out AOV Insurance now? Request a free initial consultation and select Myler as the professional association!


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Group healthcare scheme

As an IT professional, we believe that you deserve to benefit from group healthcare provisions. That’s why, in association with Zilveren Kruis, we have designed a very relevant group healthcare scheme for you. Among others, the group healthcare scheme offers discounts on the basic insurance, additional insurance and dental insurance, too.

The benefits to you:

  • 5% discount on basic insurance (legal maximum discount as at 01-01-20)
  • 10% discount on additional insurance
  • 10% discount on dental insurance


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