Ever wondered what global sourcing is? The “what where why” and everything else you need to know about Global Sourcing. Educate yourself on the phenomenon and see what Myler is up to!

Myler: becoming an innovator on a global scale

Global sourcing. If you’ve been monitoring the IT industry you have undoubtedly come across this term before. This term can be defined as the process in which an organization looks for resources, services, or expertise (on an international scale) that allow said organization to operate in a more efficient way. You may be asking “How does this relate to the IT industry?”. Well, in recent years central European countries have been experiencing a severe lack of professionals in many IT professions. These include fields such as Java development. This has caused many companies to develop Global Sourcing strategies to fulfill the needs of expertise within their organizations.

Myler launched a Nearshore and Global Sourcing project some time ago. This has been done in partnership with ASML where they have been experiencing a crucial need for professionals. The project aims to find professionals of scarce competencies abroad to fulfil the need in the Netherlands. Many organizations are apprehensive in pursuing this course of action however. Language and culture barriers, coupled with the fact that it is difficult to gauge the level of quality of foreign professionals, make many organizations stay away from Global Sourcing.

Myler is an innovator however, and believes that with the ever growing investment and importance of technology in the Dutch economy, it is essential to equip our clients with the people they need. The establishment of the Nearshore service has allowed Myler to deploy international professionals in both the physical and the virtual workspaces of our clients. We are not the only ones who have pursued Global Sourcing, but we believe our form of sourcing is unique. Whatever your challenge or need is, Myler has the personalized solution for you.

The industry is slowly understanding the importance of an approach like ours, causing legislation to be instated that makes it easier for us to bring in foreign expertise. An example of this is the 30% tax reduction on all expats who can prove to be working in a field with a scarcity of expertise (Essentially all of our professionals). Furthermore, international organizations have also come out in firm support of the trend, pressuring governments to encourage these developments even further. The ICC (International chamber of commerce) was one of the most recent to come out, sharing a report that showed Global sourcing pushed forward the boundaries of innovation and competition. According to the ICC governments should have no choice but to support it if they wish to maintain their competitiveness in the market.

At the end of the day, an important factor to note is that unless there are radical changes in education, Global Sourcing will ultimately be the only solution for many companies. The amount of expertise we have in the Netherlands cannot keep up with the exponential growth we have been experiencing. We at Myler are not afraid to be at the forefront of development, and with our nearshore program we hope to satisfy companies of their need for expertise.

To achieve this Myler works with a number of suppliers who collect expertise from abroad. The process is illustrated as follows.

However, without the expertise of quality organizations this is not possible. They are an integral part, and as such Myler only looks to work with the best. Myler works with those that deliver professionals that are well equipped to take on the projects we have for them. Are you interested in teaming up with Myler? Or are you a professional interested in becoming an expat in the Netherlands? Then you can contact Menno van Barneveld (menno.van.barneveld@myler.nl)